Monday, January 31, 2011

~Movie Review Of The Film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse~

The Twilight Saga Eclipse is very common around people at all age. The story is about a young lover Isabella Marie Swan and her eternal lover Edward Cullen which he is a vampire. Even though it's CGI graphic is awesome and the actor is a very good in acting this movie also can teach us a lesson which in some way maybe people do not recognize is because of to much concentrating on this movie. There are things that we can learn throughout this movie such as we are our own worst critic, don't judge someone because they look different and good things come to those who wait.

The first lesson is we are our own worst critic. For instant, we take Bella as an example. She always saw herself as the clumsy and average looking women. But Edward saw the intelligent and how beautiful Bella really is. From that we can say that we never see our true potential because sometime there is other things keep us blind from who we really are. Even when we do great things, like score well on a test. We pick out the flaws instead of seeing what we have accomplished. Remember to always take time to enjoy the moment.

The second lesson that we can learn from this movie is don't judge someone because they look different. We can take the Cullen family as an example. Everyone who live in Forks had an unexplained fear of the Cullen family. They look different with their unusual beauty and pale skin. People also didn't associates with them unless they had to. Because of these they try stayed mainly to themselves. from that we can say that in real life you could be missing out on great friendships by avoiding a person just because they may look a little different than you. Other examples are The vampire and the werewolves spent most of the series against each other, but when they came together, they worked as a team that was more powerful than they could ever be apart.

The third lessons that we can learn from this movie is that good things come to those who wait. By stating these means the fact that the Cullen's are vegetarians means drink animal blood instead of human is another form of delayed gratification. They still get the burning crave for human blood, but by being vegetarians the relationships amongst themselves are stronger than the other vampire covens that feed on human blood. They are also able to maintain associations with humans without harming them. This can be applied to several different aspects of life. Weight loss for example, when you eat that ice-cream today it tastes good and heavenly. You will get immediate satisfaction. But in the long run if you are trying to lose 30 pounds you will regret that choice tomorrow like in hell. Whether it is food, most of the World has the "Must Have it Now" mentality. Keep tomorrow in mind when you make decisions for today so that we do not regret of what awaiting us on tomorrow days.

In conclusion is, even though the movies is about eternal love, fighting, and good graphic. We must not forget the lesson that we can learn throughout the movie. Like from this movie Eclipse we can conclude a lesson which are we are our own worst critic, don't judge someone because they look different and good things come to those who wait. There is a lot of other lessons from this movie but we just have to find it harder.


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