Thursday, April 21, 2011

~Milo for Nestea????~

you pay a price of 1kg of milo you will get nestea...
how wonderful.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Last Blogging

this is my last b-b-blogging...huhu
I hope I can withstand the urge to online facebook..
but no promises....

today is also my last class with classmate AS1202E2
some of them are change classes..
I respect their choices because they have their own reason for doing it...
but whatever it is I will always remember all the good times we are having
moreover there will be new classmate next semester..huhu...

ouhh...and one more thing..
our universities has been visited from our vice chancellor
Dato Prof. Ir Sahul Hamid Abu Bakar.

and I get to shake hand with him..haha..
not just that society of sciences scisis has opened a booth and all of the batch are wearing the club t-shirt to show that we also can become unity...yeahhhh...
me and my classmate also wearing all the same 3rd gen t-shirt..huhu...


Monday, April 11, 2011

Congratulations NADIA KHAN

I just receive a good news today from my best friend.. NADIA KHAN BINTI ABDUL RAHIM
she just got her final examination result for foundation in sciences ..

guess what?? she got a pointer 4.00 means 4 flat....wow..
congratulations from me and INTAN
i'm so proud of you...

remember that we always support you no matter what....^_^


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easy-measy Roasted Chicken

today I'm gonna show you guys how to cook an easy roasted chicken..haha..
this is a recipe of my own..so it may not be perfect.=)

prepare the ingredient like the picture belowthis is basically just a mix of butter garlic and the following herb bellow
there are garlic powder,oregano,thyme,black pepper,nutmeg,parsley and olive oil

by using the above ingredient..tomato, bell pepper,mushroom,onion leaves, potatoes and asparagus

then arrange the stuff like the above picture..
coated the chicken with the butter mix and mix with the vegetable

and then baked in the oven by for 1 hour and 30 minutes at 175'C..
then take the chicken out and deco in a plate



will do an entry on my day at Sepang for watching Grand Prix..

need picture..grgrgr...

*updated -- picture has been obtained..but not enough energy obtain by me to write the entry..arrghhh...sleepy


~Syaza's Statement~

Zamir...suara ko tak mcm Katy Perry....
suara Katy Perry mcam kau.....



Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Formspring

the red marking show how many question on my formspring I haven't answer...
why is it so many little??? I did't open it for like about 3 month..
(tak boleh banyak lagi)

Btw..this is the link to my FORMSPRING
feel free to leave aquestion.thinkayu...I mean thank you

p/s: why are the picture is blurrrrrrrr....-_____-
btw just click the picture to overview..haha

later =)


F1 2011

tomorrow is the F1 race day..will attend..huhu

qualifying had just pass a few hours ago....can't wait for tomorrow....haha

new pixta..haha

later =)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Masterchef Malaysia

from the picture above I think you guys already now what it is...huhu
it's master chef Malaysia of course..

first, I've been dreaming that this show will make it to Malaysia
-and yes it is...so glad-

second, I've been dreaming on entering the show of course
because it is open for immature cook( like me..hehe)
-but I can't...got a diploma to finished.-
=( =( =(

ok...done..but I know that there are more of other people would die to join this competition
it's easy to join just by download the entry form at masterchefmalaysia
and send it...easy right..

arrghh...still frustrated that I can't join...hahah
good luck to whoever got into it..


~The F words~

It's only 12 days left before F.
I don't even know I already prepared for the F.
I just hope that these 12 upcoming days will help me on recovering back my study.
F oh! F

but at the same times I just wanna get it over with.
means I just wanna be free from you F.

from all of the subject,
the one that worried me the most is

please help me..F.. thank you


Testier Of the Tester

I know that all people like to go to shopping mall or shop like(watson, guardian, JJ and others)
of course for shopping...
what about people who just go to that place for just to...testing something that is provide as a free sample in that particular shop...haha..

for example..syaza like to go to watson to get a free sample of everything..haha..*upload pic done*
she likes to got to test the lipstick, lotion and etc..

maybe some others people like to go into market to get a little taste of food..haha..
not just that after a quiet walking around the complex they come back to get a some more..

I wonder what happen if it's become a routine in someones life???
think of how much money $_$ they can save per month.??


Where am I??

I'm coming home, I'm coming home
(that's a lyric)

I am home, I am home
(that's the reality happening)


just pass a few hours before I was in dilemma but now I already passed that dilemma,...haha..

glad to be home after a month...

FIRST PRIORITY:- buy a new spectacles..hurmm...but what type...hehe..

^^maybe this one ^^


*UPDATED: can't buy the new specs...dad says just use new lens with the OLD frame..-____-
ggrrrrrrr.....that B.U.M specs was so nice and trendy...whaaaaaa T_T


Thursday, April 7, 2011

this week dilemma~

thinking of not going back home
-If I do so..I will stay alone at Kuala Pilah-
(but I can do my assignment and all sort of thing)


I wanna go back home
-If I do so...I will have a fun time and not being alone-
(but I will not do my assignment and other work)

YES, no, YES

definitely yes....hahahahaha....
later =)

busy than busier!!!

din giler meroyan...laen sume ok..haha

suka gler gmbr nih..^^

(happy moments...)

It's almost final and I got to start study hard...and study smart..errk...BTW..lately there is a lot need to be done in such a short period...
for example..I need to make a folio about 'Sukan Sea' in ENGLISH....OMG....mostly 'Sukan Sea' wiki is in Malay...grr...why did I pick that topic...regret it truthfully....haha...
not just that I need to study my weakest subject back from the beginning...guest what it is...daaaa...of course it's physics...I don't know why...it's just hard for me to accept physics in my life...arrrrgghhh...need a good tutor...

talk about today....me and my classmate as1202e2 has been wearing our recent got new scisis t-shirt...been wondering where the H the t-shirt has been gone since I order it last year...hahaha....me and my pal's wear it proudly although we look like factory worker...ahha....but it's a joy when you have someone to share it with....

haha...although I am busy than busier..me and my classmate still have time to take picture..have fun..eat lunch together..and spend a quiet a happening moment together....huhu

next upcoming semester..just a reminder...I will not change class...I'm still happy in this class..because...we all stay together no matter what..huhu...moreover a new classmate will be joining me next sem...

and she/he is....
___ ____ _________ and ________ ________ ...