Friday, December 17, 2010

~A New Page for A New Semester~

I'm officially will become a second semester student on 3th January 2011...yup
new semester means NEW ALBUM...haha...
love to taking picture from every moment ever semester..
it's kind of my habit now...haha

and also second semester means double the work..
for example I've got a Calculus 1 subject...yeah..lovely...I'll be puking when I'm studying this subject
more to come is PHYSICS....why in the world do I have to study physics??
I really2 don't like it
it is one of the subject that make my grades fall....urghhh...curse you..but i have to love you.

but thank god...I've got my favorite subject which is Biology and Chemistry...huhu

At last but not least..my new year will is to achieve dean's list for this second semester..
pray for the best to all student in dip.science too..=)


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