Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Entry Since All Month Long..-__-

nmpaknya sudah berkurun lama nya tidak update blog..
al-maklumlah..busy gile ngan schedule  class yang pack pluse ngan tanggungjawab yang diberi kepercayaan oleh mereka kepada saya untuk menggalas pangkat president SCISIS uitm negeri sembilan
SCISIS is society of sciences uitm n9. my diploma academic club..huhu
i carry this responsibility with honor and i will do my best to improve it.
well, first i need to reconstruct the organization.because it is kind of messy right now as we all are the new and 2nd legacy..=)..
but in the mean time we try to improve it..best of luck to all

ok..then bnyak sbnrnye nk citer with picture..standard lah aku kalau berblog mesti ade gmbar..ahha..
ok..maybe later i will post a lot of entry...or maybe after final..sebb in 2 week more or less final bakal menjelma
bapak seram...mcam tk study ape2 jer lagi..hahaha...

p/s: currently in a progress on making a kek gula hangus....huhu..superb2...=p...

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