Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Leadership Of Muhammad

hi everybody...
today entry is about this book up here..^^
i bought it at kinokuniya KLCC using 1 Malaysia RM200 voucher 
there is many kind of books about our prophet leadership but i pick this one that has caught my eye and buy it
it cost me RM47.90 but i was using the voucher so.hahaha.OK
basically this book is about the leadership of Muhammad S.A.W as you can see
it is author is John Adair and this book is written in English
well not just normal english language..actually it's pretty high level English he uses in this book
man, it was hard for me to read it. i need a vocabulary while reading it..
this book is not like 200 pages thick..it's just thin but it is hard to read it as i must immersed myself in the book to understand what are the story behind in each chapter.
so, while I'm still in the middle of my semester break. i hope i can finish this book.
even the muqadimah is *_*...haha...but i might as well try to read it
because it has something to do with me in my life..

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