Saturday, May 21, 2011


today, there is also another thing occur.
it occur in front of my house and a little bit to the left..huhu
it occur around 8.00 pm
at that time I was upstair online..
and than i felt something is shaking
i thought it was something else
so I ran outside and see

because the retaining wall has to much soil and sand inside instead of rock
so when rainwater pass through this rock it also pass through the soil.
then, that will make the soil become like lumpy like mud
and because of that this landslide is occur.

moreover, there is a car park near the landslide..when it occur it hit this car...huhu
and the mirror came off like seriously...wow..

that is the mirror..haha..ok sorry...

well someone has to pay for that...hurmm..-_____-

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