Saturday, May 21, 2011

Papa & Mama Aniversary

May 21st 2011
today my family & I go to
InterContinental Kuala Lumpur
(back then it's called Nikko Hotel)

today is mama&papa anniversary so pergi lah makan2.
there is a lots of tons of food there...
and apparently only us are the customer present there..haha
we eat at the Serena Brassiere

sampai sana I speechless tk tau nak pilih apa dulu..haha
last2 pilih sushi..
bnyak gler Japanese food...
and first time makan itik...erkkk
the appetizer(salad & all that)


isn't that cute???huhu..caramel...=)

this will probably be the main course


focus only on the marsmallow..hahah

this is my favorite sushi & shashimi..
I can eat all that...yeaahh...

basically this is what I eat for starter..omg...the salmon and cod are so amazing..

this is not mine..hahah

salmon sushi...=)=)=)

cod fish...huhu..

my family

this is what I eat ..haha..the oyster are seriously yuck...=P
makes me wanna puke like seriously

this is main course I think..roasted beef&tomatoes with prawn salad

muka kerek...haha

again my favorite..hahha

no drinking allowed..hehe..

fountain of youth chocolate

donuts that apparently not taste so good..haha

cute things...huhu

tiramisu..and finally i get to eat raspberry by stole it from this cake..haha

cute dessert..huhu

smoked salmon shashimi with capers..
I can't believe that I can eat raw fish...fuuhh..
taste so yummy..

things that I hate from now..hahah


dipping marshmallow into the chocolate fountain

finally I get to eat this thing and it is deliciously sweet...huhu..

me eating my lovely macaroons..

my family and I infront of the hotel..=)

as for price we came with the total of 7 people but on paid for
3 adult & 2 kids..
sebab mostly pekerja kt situ sume kenal kakak..
praktikal kt situ kan..errmmm...untunglah..
per person it cost around 65++ .huhu
pastu g jejalan kt ampang park yang boring tuh..

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