Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lomo Reaction

first of all I would like to thank FF( faris fikri) for using his lomo camera upon snapping a few picture if me
and develop it..huhu...
that camera function i think it will lower the iso amount...erkk..whatever lah..
just look at the picture...the effect is awesome...
the picture is best capture with a lot of sunlight were presence 
syaza,fadh, me and din at pilah street...shooppiinngg....erkkk

makan cendol at the bus stand...din belanja gitu..hahahah

macam biasa tak de motif...

at FF room...

with part2 classmate

with arul at lya at susur gajah

with part 2 classes..some of them has change classes due too internal problem...

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